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Photoshopping in the Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) Industry

BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction. The comprehensive and stigma-free solution to hair loss - Based in Austin TX.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Photoshopping

FACT: Most SMP Providers have photoshopped the procedure results in their photo galleries

The temptation to photoshop is overwhelming for SMP Providers. Why?

As they should, most clients choose a Scalp MicroPigmentation provider largely-based on photos of SMP results. However, it is important to understand that in some cases, the skill level of the photo-editor may be superior to the skill of the SMP technician.

Post-procedure photos can be very red. Scars, in particular, look very red immediately following an SMP Procedure. For a provider, such as BRAVI, that completes an SMP procedure in one day, this means that many times, our immediately  “after” pictures aren’t fantastic for marketing purposes.

Oh well.

In keeping with the honest, transparent, “what you see is what you get”, philosophy that is the foundation of BRAVI, we do not engage in photo editing. Each image in the BRAVI  gallery is unprocessed. Some are immediately post-procedure, some are pre-enhancement. All are unedited and labeled accordingly so that you can evaluate BRAVI results with confidence.

BRAVI photos are literally taken with an iPhone and published directly to our site or to our archives.  After all, in today’s digital age, isn’t it essential to look great in photos taken on phones?

Please tread carefully with providers whose images look “too perfect”.   Other obvious indicators of digital photo manipulation include the use of color gradients as backgrounds and “collages” of superimposed clients. The processing does not stop with just the artistic backdrop. Serving up a falsified result in a gallery represents the first time the provider is being intentionally deceitful.

BRAVI offers expert SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation and SMP correction. The comprehensive and stigma-free solution to hair loss - Based in Austin TX.

Photo area, from our BRAVI’s Austin, Texas location. Our photo-taking, like everything else in BRAVI, is totally TRANSPARENT.


In your research, please remember that you are evaluating whether or not an SMP company can give you realistic and undetectable results, not whether or not their graphics guy has talent.

Here are some other SMP Gallery photo considerations:

  • SMP photos are often stolen. Over the years, our own SMP work has been taken and featured, unauthorized and inappropriately credited, in galleries all over the world.
  • SMP technician training standards are extremely variable. Never evaluate the skill level of your individual technician based on images owned by a company. To date, EVERY company in existence with “numerous locations” and/or “numerous technicians” experiences quality control issues. We state this in all seriousness, as the demand for BRAVI corrective work as a result of these providers is steadily increasing and now accounts for over half of our clientele.
  • Be wary of black and white photos. Post-procedure redness aside, the long-term colorfastness of the pigmentation is one of the major considerations that should be evaluated when choosing an SMP provider.  If a black and white picture is featured, it’s because there is an issue with coloration that isn’t flattering.

BRAVI was created  to deliver the finest technical results available, delivered with complete integrity. Our gallery—in it’s totally unedited glory—is proof of both.

BRAVI Technical Standards far exceed any in the world, as do our results. Guaranteed.

Our photo gallery awaits your inspection…many great examples of Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

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