Meet Amanda Mazzocchi, BRAVI Founder

Amanda Mazzocchi

Developer of BRAVI’s State-of-the-art SMP
Amanda Mazzocchi, BRAVI Founder and SMP Pioneer

Amanda Mazzocchi, BRAVI Founder and SMP Pioneer

Founder, SMP Institute

SMPI-Certified Elite Technician

Certified Laser Specialist (CLS)

Certified Laser Safety Officer

Certificate: Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal

Certified Member, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP)

Inventor: Specialized SMP Protocols and Compounds, Specialized Laser SMP Diffusion Equipment and Protocols.


My passions have always lived at the intersection of art and science. In university, despite my artistic design emphasis, I taught upper division textile chemistry labs. I later discovered a passion for hands-on injury rehabilitation and enjoyed a successful sports therapy practice where my clientele included numerous professional athletes.

Since entering the SMP Industry, I again have had the opportunity to combine my passion for art and science.

In 2011, I met a brilliant man who had a very extensive history with hair loss.  From surgeries, to hair systems, this man had invested significant resources into “fixing” his scalp.  Finally, out of total frustration with the poor results attained by these conventional methods, he developed a rudimentary process of applying pigment to cover up his hair loss.  When he introduced me to this concept, I was fascinated. My eyes were opened to the vast potential of the SMP procedure, and my heart began to understand the deep psychological pain felt by men and women suffering from hair loss.

Because of my unusual combination of expertise–art, science, and human physiology, I was asked to join his company. His hope was that I would be able improve the SMP technique and create a training curriculum. At the time, the company had only one skilled technician and was operating at capacity.  My work would allow the company to train additional technical staff so the company could grow. In 2011 I agreed to join his company and in so doing officially launched my career in SMP technology.

More than just a new career, however, I had found a passion. I was thrilled at the rare chance to improve lives, so quickly and so profoundly. As I developed my knowledge and expertise working with hundreds, then thousands of clients, I also came to know first hand the trauma hair loss sufferers experience: from intolerant members of society, deceitful corporations, and from the transplant surgeons who were unwittingly scarring and disfiguring them. I was determined to offer a way to help these men and women regain their great looks and confidence.

Then…it happened. Word got out and in 2012, I performed SMP on Good Morning America while 3.9 Million TV viewers watched live. Good Morning America’s broadcast highlighted the viability and benefits of SMP and sparked a wave of interest in this new industry literally overnight.

Amanda Mazzocchi introduces the world to Scalp Micro Pigmentation by performing a procedure live on Good Morning America in front of 3.9 Million people

Despite this mainstream recognition and success, I didn’t rest on my laurels. I continued to expand my skills and knowledge via specialized international training and received certification in skin revision, laser technology, and pigmentation techniques.  I was a sponge–assimilating all applicable findings available on the subject of pigmentation technique, pigment chemistry, and laser technology.

Although I was pleased at the success I had helped my friend’s company achieve, the end result was that the company became attractive to suitors, and my friend sold this company to an investment group.  After the dust settled, I knew the time had come to start my own company.

Yet, BRAVI is more than just another company.  It is a special place with a special mission: The First Comprehensive and Stigma-Free Solution to Hair Loss.

Unfortunately, since my appearance on Good Morning America, I have witnessed numerous inexperienced practitioners flood into the marketplace, many deceitfully exhibiting in their photo galleries work which they did not perform. I have also seen the devastating results these substandard SMP operators have had on their clients–many of whom sought me out subsequently to perform SMP Correction (the complex process of fixing the mistakes from these operators).

In this new field with no watchdog and little legislation, my commitment is to more fully establish Scalp MicroPigmentation as the first hair loss solution that has no social stigma, performed and supported with standards of unparalleled excellence and integrity.

As the provider of the procedure on Good Morning America that kick-started this industry, I feel ethically bound to “raise the bar” and champion a segment of the population I’ve grown protective of: hair loss sufferers.

Ready to Live Life Head First?  You’ve come to the right place.

Thanks for joining me,