At BRAVI our client’s safety is of the utmost importance.  We do things differently than other SMP providers.

First, our Specialty Clinic provides a sterile medical environment.  Our treatment rooms are only for treatments.  Sounds like a common sense standard practice right?  Sadly, it’s not.  Incredibly, some SMP operators even resort to performing procedures in common hotel rooms.  Talk about a non-sterile “fly by night” business!

Second, our staff has undergone an extremely rigorous training process. We’re not talking mere web-based or weekend-long training as is the case with many practitioners.  BRAVI requires its staff to undergo an extensive hands-on and multi-level certification process overseen by Amanda herself.

Next up are the equipment and products we use.  We have onsite at our Specialty Clinic a top-of-the-line 2015 Astanza laser.  We use custom-crafted formulas and pigments that far exceed the industry standard.  In addition, we offer a proprietary All-Natural product line for care before and after your procedure.  Post procedure, you can expect to receive access to a bona fide professional should questions arise.

Finally, unlike many SMP operators, BRAVI has medical oversight by a licensed medical doctor.

It all adds up to one simple conclusion: YOU CAN TRUST BRAVI!