Scalp Micro Pigmentation Mastery

BRAVI Founder, Amanda Mazzocchi, is the indisputable expert in SMP.

Prove it? We can–that’s Amanda on Good Morning America. Given the high stakes of performing a live SMP procedure in front of nearly 4 million viewers, only a top expert would qualify.

Prior to this Good Morning America broadcast, only three SMP Amanda Mazzocchi performs SMP hairline correction live on Good Morning Americaproviders could be located in the world–each with only one brick-and-mortar location. Good Morning America brought SMP out of obscurity and introduced its viability and benefits to the world.

Amanda Mazzocchi introduces the world to Scalp Micro Pigmentation by performing a procedure live on Good Morning America in front of 3.9 Million people.


Unfortunately, this also resulted in a flood of unqualified “copy cat” practitioners entering the scene.

The public should know that the SMP industry is not regulated, and new “experts” are born daily, creating devastating results for their trusting clients.

Because of these new and inexperienced /untrained/ unqualified practioners, Amanda is now also the world’s authority in SMP “Correction”–a specialty born from fixing the mistakes of every other SMP provider.

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BRAVI Founder and CEO, Amanda Mazzocchi, is a proven expert offering the most advanced generation of SMP available.

You can trust BRAVI.