What is SMP (Scalp MicroPigmentation)?

What is SMP? Scalp MicroPigmentation is the process of putting tiny permanent impressions into the scalp using specialized pigments and needles. In a procedure done properly, each of these impressions will look like a hair follicle. Using this process we create the illusion of full follicular density–even in areas of hair loss.  This allows us to effectively camouflage hair loss.

Sounds like a fancy explanation of a tattoo, right? Wrong. SMP done right is not tattooing a scalp.  This fact is easily confused since many practicioners have only tattoo experience and believe they are just putting a tattoo on someone’s head–these practitioners simply don’t know what they are doing.

BRAVI’s Founder, Amanda Mazzocchi, has written numerous technical articles and blogs regarding the key differences between SMP and tattooing. She’s gone so far as to petition the US Military to allow an active duty officer to receive her SMP procedure–despite a strict ban on tattoos above the shoulders and specifically on head tattoos (this petition was approved due to the precise distinction between a proper SMP procedure and that of a tattoo).

Aren’t all SMP procedures the same? Unfortunately no. SMP technology and techniques along with quality of results vary dramatically from one provider to the next.

At BRAVI we take SMP to a higher level.  We employ a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a combination of different needle types, power settings, and procedure compounds to fit the unique needs of each BRAVI client. In addition, our equipment includes a top-of-the line 2015 Astanza Laser along with our own All-Natural product line which we leverage to pretreat the scalp (especially useful for cases of scarring or extreme toxicity from the use of hair systems).

How long does SMP take? The BRAVI SMP process is typically completed in a single day.  Regardless, because we offer a FREE no-obligation consultation, we are able to determine the length of time necessary on a case by case basis.

BRAVI’s commitment to excellence is reflected in our name (“bravi” means “outstanding people”); thus, the experts at BRAVI have created a comprehensive and stigma-free solution to hair loss….SMP technology, techniques, processes, products, and results that are noticably superior.