How to Avoid SMP that Turns Blue or Green

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Here’s the deal:  If you don’t select BRAVI, then yes, it very well could.

BRAVI is the world’s premier medical Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) company.  As well-documented  SMP industry pioneers, BRAVI’s staff offers unparalleled experience and artistic excellence.

However, correct implementation is only part of the equation.  Also CRITICAL is the use of correct pigment.  Only BRAVI uses scalp-specific pigment, formulated for COLORFASTNESS.

The day BRAVI’s Founder appeared on Good Morning America in 2012, she realized that it would be a double-edged sword:

On one side, it would be amazing because the world would finally hear about Scalp MicroPigmentation–the BEST option available for hair loss.  Over 3.9 million viewers saw BRAVI’s Founder perform an SMP procedure, creating awareness and excitement about the solution.

On the other, it would be disastrous on many levels because thousands of would-be entrepreneurs purchased tattoo machines and began attempting to emulate what she had done.  At the time of the GMA broadcast, there were only THREE brick-and-mortar locations where Scalp MicroPigmentation was offered GLOBALLY.  The years following this broadcast have seen an entire industry over-run with poorly-trained providers literally providing “hair tattoos” with tattoo-shop technology and online or weekend certifications.  Head tattoos are totally unnatural and ALWAYS turn blue-green.

How can we say this?  BRAVI is the ONLY Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) provider that integrates medical innovation and laser technology.

As such, BRAVI is now the GLOBAL destination for the most specialized Scalp MicroPigmentation of all:  Head tattoo repair work.


Robert went to a provider of Scalp MicroPigmentation in the Boston Area when, during a consultation with his Hair Transplant Surgeon, his doctor advised him to get SMP from this specific technician.  In actuality, he received a horribly unnatural-looking Head Tattoo from a Tattoo Artist with online training from a large SMP company.  Here are his BEFORE pictures, when he arrived “post-Boston-SMP” at our BRAVI Specialty Clinic in Austin, Texas, for an SMP correction consultation:

Bad SMP Results? BREATHE…BRAVI can help.


After receiving Scalp Tattoo from a surgeon-recommended “SMP Provider” in Boston, this client traveled to BRAVI in Austin, Texas for specialized scalp repair.

Please examine our head tattoo correction CASE STUDIES.  We will continue to compile, update, and document the progress of these clients.

In addition to knowing how to fix even the worst cases, BRAVI leads the industry in safety.  This is owing to the rigorous development and testing of the full spectrum of pigment components, carriers, and and procedure compounds.  Only BRAVI employs full medical oversight, prescription pharmaceuticals, and laser technology–redefining what is possible in Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP).

How do you avoid getting an unnatural-looking blue or green scalp tattoo?  Choose experience, safety, and excellence.  Choose BRAVI.  Our technical experts will be happy to explain how we are different.

At BRAVI, we can fix just about everything–but on a choice as important as Scalp MicroPigmentation, why not get it right the first time?

BRAVI 3D SMP: Fully-healed results after 1 session of Scalp MicroPigmentation and 1 enhancement. These results are over 18 months old. Notice the beautiful, warm color created through BRAVI SMP.


BRAVI SMP Expert Devon Sconci is the leader in Amanda Mazzocchi\s revolutionary scalp micropigmentation method.

Devon Sconci

Devon is the President of BRAVI and Master Technician in Amanda Mazzocchi's revolutionary Scalp MicroPigmentation method, which is available exclusively at her BRAVI clinic in Austin, Texas.

She is also passionate about how SMP can change lives.
Chat with her today to find out how SMP could change yours.