Will SMP Turn My Scalp Blue or Green?

Here's the deal:  If you don't select BRAVI, then yes, it very well could. BRAVI is the world's premier medical Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) company.  As well-documented  SMP industry pioneers, BRAVI's staff offers unparalleled experience and artistic excellence. However, correct implementation is only part of the ...
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My Left Foot: Years of Scalp Pigment R & D in the Flesh

I’ve never put my money where my mouth is.  My mouth, and barring that, my left foot, have always brought far more to the table than my money. As have mentioned previously, I came into Scalp MicroPigmentation years ago, not for a quick dollar, but ...
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BRAVI: Medical-Grade Scalp MicroPigmentation, Made in Texas

As a pioneer of the Scalp MicroPigmentation Industry, I have always striven for excellence and integrity.  Historically, I have led the pack in SMP technical research. When I left the Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) company that I had led for several years and headed to Texas ...
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ARTAS: the Ultimate Partner to BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)

In a nutshell, both Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) and Hair Transplant Surgery have shortcomings, and—when performed by experts—advantages. Here are the basic shortcomings of both:  Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) does not grow texture.  Hair Transplant Surgery does not restore full density. Wonderfully, however, the reverse is also ...
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FACT: Most SMP Providers have photoshopped the procedure results in their photo galleries The temptation to photoshop is overwhelming for SMP Providers. Why? As they should, most clients choose a Scalp MicroPigmentation provider largely-based on photos of SMP results. However, it is important to understand ...
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African Amercian Hairline Restoration through Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP)

It doesn’t feel good for any guy to watch his hairline disappear. This is particularly true in the case of African American men, where the tight-edged hairline is revered and sought-after culturally. Because of the importance placed on the hairline, many African American men who ...
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BRAVI HEADFIRST: The Art of Scalp Care Re-defined

As hair loss progresses, scalp needs gradually shift from hair care to skin care. This, combined with fear of accelerating loss, can leave men unsure about how to take care of their heads! Which is why I am proud to introduce BRAVI HEADFIRST. Historically, hair ...
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What Does Scalp Micro Pigmentation SMP Cost?

Once again, to answer this question, another question must be answered first: Do you plan to work with an expert? To be considered an expert in SMP, a Technician has to have personally seen hundreds of Scalp MicroPigmentation clients from initial procedure through to total ...
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Want Great SMP Results? What Consumers Need to Know About Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training

 Will YOUR SMP results look good? That depends on the training of your Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner. Put another way: Is your practitioner properly experienced and trained in Scalp Micro Pigmentation? Over the last couple of years, I have watched the SMP industry catch on to ...
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Protect Yourself: 4 Simple Ways to Avoid Bad SMP Results

If you’ve been researching Scalp MicroPigmentation, “SMP”, for any length of time, you’ve seen plenty of photos of bad Scalp MicroPigmentation Results. Expertly-implemented Scalp Micropigmentation is by far the best solution to conceal hair loss. When properly applied, Scalp MicroPigmentation blends seamlessly into living ...
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Do I Need to Shave My Head to Have Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)?

Expert style advice for guys losing their hair and considering Scalp Micropigmentation (“SMP”).  Why “shaving down” looks and feels better with SMP Most men at some point in their lives will experience hair loss, commonly seen as “male pattern baldness.” This is characterized by distinct ...
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What is 3D Enhancement for Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)?

Exceptions to having to shave down, post SMP:   Are there some cases where post-SMP men can grow out their hair a bit more and look great?  YES...for these cases, we recommend BRAVI 3D SMP Enhancement.  BRAVI 3D SMP Enhancement Defined: BRAVI 3D SMP ...
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How to Interpret Bad Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) Reviews

Here is the short answer: With a grain of salt. And, with the understanding that much of what is written on review websites is merely one provider bashing another. While many bad SMP reviews are legitimate, many of them are not. As a pioneer of ...
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Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) for the Treatment of Alopecia

There are a myriad of types of Alopecia.  Alopecia, by strictest definition, simply means “hair loss”. This includes common male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia.   Some forms of alopecia are not due to genetics at all, but are “mechanically-induced”: Traction Alopecia, for example, ...
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Head Tattoo or Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)? There Is a BIG Difference

Scalp MicroPigmentation and Scalp Tattoo are not the same thing.  In fact, besides the one thing they have in common, they are actually opposites. This is the only thing that is the same about SMP and tattoo: Both practices permanently embed pigment in the dermis ...
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Scar Tissue and Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) Explained

Although I’m not the first person to use SMP to hide scars on the scalp, I am the first (and only one I know of) who has mastered the procedure. One reason I was able to crack the code for treating scars is that prior ...
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SMP Rejection—The Best Worst Case Scenario

Without question, I have corrected more Scalp MicroPigmentation (“SMP”) than any other “expert”. I have seen just about everything. In fact, there are many things that I have witnessed on scalps that I wish I could “unsee”. From this experience, I’ve learned that of all ...
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Can Scalp Micro Pigmentation Be Completed in One Day? (Part 3)

Reasons why SMP procedures can take more than one day In Part 1 on this topic, I explained why, “Yes”, one day should be the norm for SMP procedures. Part 2 on this topic gave two factors (SMP provider ineptitude and pigmentation rejection) at play ...
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Can Scalp Micro Pigmentation Be Completed in One Day? (Part 2)

Reasons why SMP procedures can take more than one day In Part 1 on this topic, I explained why, “Yes”, one day should be the norm for SMP procedures. For those instances where a client needs more than one SMP procedure, two factors are to ...
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Can Scalp Micro Pigmentation Be Completed in One Day? (Part 1)

This is probably the MOST hotly debated question in the Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) industry. There are a few loud voices in the SMP forum and blogging communities who take this stance: “It is impossible to complete Scalp MicroPigmentation in one day. Any clinic who tells ...
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Hair System Transition: High Stakes, High Reward

Question: What is the most complex Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure? Answer: Transitioning a hair system wearer to SMP Here’s the reality: Providing a transition from a hair system to SMP (we call our procedure BRAVI FREEDOM) is the most technically challenging of all pigmentation procedures. Why is treating a former ...
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Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions we hear. Rather than answering each question individually, we decided to put them into a single BRAVI BLOG for you to peruse. Of course, if you have other questions and would like to know what BRAVI can do for ...
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FUE-Follicular Unit Extraction

ARTAS Robotic FUE: The BEST AVAILABLE Transplant A new generation of hair transplantation surgery, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), has recently been developed. The scarring from FUE is minimal compared to the "strips and plugs" of previous generations. However, as always, full density is not possible through surgery—it is a ...
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Intro to BRAVI

WHY BRAVI BLOG? I’m an expert. I love to educate. And I’ve got an over-active justice bone. BRAVI BLOG is the first educational resource available on the subject of SMP that is written by a technical expert. Was I the first person in history to embed ...
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  • Intro to BRAVI


    I’m an expert. I love to educate. And I’ve got an over-active justice bone. BRAVI BLOG is the first educational resource available on the subject of SMP that is written by a technical expert.

    Was I the first person in history to embed pigment on a scalp to hide hair loss? No.

    Have I spent more time “in the trenches”, actually performing SMP on clients and conducting rigorous R&D than any other “expert” in this nascent industry?

    No question.


    I have written on the subject of choosing the right SMP provider for years, and I created the original checklist of “What to Look For”—a format that has been copied by self-proclaimed “experts” ever since.

    My goal with the BRAVI BLOG is to offer honest and helpful advice to hair loss sufferers and to shed some light in an unregulated and unscrupulous market.

    Will I show an unabashed preference for BRAVI solutions? Yes. I am extremely proud of my company and my technical processes. However, I always give credit where credit is deserved. BRAVI is not the only SMP provider, and SMP is not the only approach to hair loss, so I will always try to steer someone in the direction that makes sense for them.

    My heart, not a cash grab, attracted me to helping clients using Scalp MicroPigmentation. (click to read Founder page) For me, client well-being is always king, and I will always do my best to do the right thing. I like my SMP karma. 🙂
    Google loves new content and ranks sites highly that have fresh content and lots of keywords. For this reason, blogging about SMP is an effective way to monopolize internet searches on the subject and capture market share.

    Why is this important? Look carefully at SMP forums and debate sites that have multiple links and “recommend” services. These sites are clever at search-engine optimization (“SEO”) marketing and lead generation—capturing web traffic and then capturing client information—but, I know them well, and they are each paid off by the provider they recommend; they are not objective or neutral information sources, and their sites are filled with self-serving content that lacks expertise.

    Moral of this story? Always consider the motivation and revenue source for every “Expert” SMP Blog.