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Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions we hear. Rather than answering each question individually, we decided to put them into a single BRAVI BLOG for you to peruse. Of course, if you have other questions and would like to know what BRAVI can do for you, simply click on Schedule a Consultation (found throughout our site). You’ll get a one-on-one NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION consultation with an SMP Expert.

What Do I Have to do to Get Ready? Before? After?

In a nutshell—follow our clear and easy instructions. No major lifestyle changes needed. BRAVI has the perfect SMP before-care and after-care. From the customized prep protocols that set you up for success, to the custom-formulated post procedure products that are engineered to optimize results—we guide you all along the way.

A BRAVI technician will provide recommendations on behaviors to avoid—from sun exposure to alcohol consumption—both before and after procedure, along with clear instructions.

For BRAVI CONCEAL scar camouflage clients and BRAVI FREEDOM hair system transition clients, specialized preparation treatments are provided to help you maximize results—getting you to a low-stress, low-maintenance life as quickly and easily as possible.

How Long Does SMP Take? How Many Procedures are Needed?

The typical BRAVI RESTORE procedure is completed in one 6-8 hour day. Thus, on day one, the look is complete.

We do, however, recommend that our clients plan for an optional follow up enhancement appointment at a later date in order to perfect the density, add any extra detail, and account for any rejection that might occur as your skin heals.

It’s important to note that all skin is different and that no provider can promise that a specific number of treatments will be enough to complete your desired look.

At BRAVI, we guarantee your satisfaction and are 100% committed to getting you there safely and efficiently. BRAVI is the fastest, easiest, safest, and highest-caliber SMP option on the market.

It is important to note that all skin is different, and some factors, such as high blood pressure, can cause increased rate of pigmentation rejection. Please know, however, that on the spectrum of SMP issues that can arise, rejection is by far the LEAST serious. Pigmentation can be added and adjusted easily.

I’m really impressed with Amanda’s latest SMP results, I have to say. It’s the first time I’ve seen SMP up close, so I didn’t know what it would look like. I scrutinized the unedited before and after images at full resolution and as a portrait photographer, I’ve looked at thousands of heads/hair, so I know what to look for and would spot any discrepancies.

The SMP looks longer than I would’ve thought possible. I absolutely can’t tell what is SMP and what is hair. I am amazed.

The only procedures that require a minimum of two appointments are: BRAVI CONCEAL scar camouflage and BRAVI FREEDOM hair system transition. Each of these procedures has the complicating factor of scar tissue to contend with, making one appointment impossible.

Is BRAVI SMP Painful?

During the average SMP process, tens of thousands of micro-impressions are applied to the scalp. While this process is not what we’d call a good time, it is not actually painful for most clients. That said, here are some considerations:

* Often, certain zones of the scalp are more tender than others—for example, the temples and hairline tend to have a more rich nerve supply and tend to be more uncomfortable than the crown.

* Hair transplant surgery can cause Hyperesthesia—heightened nerve sensitivity resulting from the damage to nerves caused by the multiple incisions of the transplant process. Hair transplant recipients tend to have more incidence of discomfort during SMP than those who have never had surgery. However, the discomfort level of SMP is minute in comparison to the pain of surgery and surgical recovery.

* BRAVI SMP is a relatively non-invasive and superficial application, and procedure compounds and processes are employed to keep you comfortable throughout your procedure.

Over the course of thousands of SMP procedures in my career, over 99% of clients require no medication for discomfort. If you have concerns regarding discomfort, a BRAVI expert can discuss added comfort options with you during your consultation.

What Happens When I Turn Gray?

This is a very common question. The quick response is—your BRAVI results are created with your lifetime satisfaction in mind. Your pigment is custom blended to create a natural illusion that accommodates aging. Expert BRAVI hairline design and implementation is also executed to mature with you in a natural way.

The subtle and natural look of BRAVI SMP results from expertly applied “pepper” to any “salt & pepper” scalp. Amateur applications that are overly aggressive in coloration, depth, and positioning cannot make this same promise.

What happens as you grey? Your BRAVI SMP looks distinguished and natural.

What Does BRAVI SMP Cost?

The cost of BRAVI procedures varies, depending on the time required and level of specialization required. For example, a small scar-only BRAVI CONCEAL procedure is far less time-intensive than a two-day procedure for Alopecia Universalis. A straight-forward BRAVI RESTORE Procedure is completed in one day, as opposed to a BRAVI REPAIR SMP correction procedure that requires laser diffusion and repigmentation.

On that note—in my experience, those who choose an SMP provider based primarily on price or geographic location are frequently disappointed. BRAVI REPAIR (correcting other SMP providers’ mistakes) is a significant portion of our clientele. Always make a provider’s expertise your primary consideration in order to save time, money, and trauma.

Read about What is it costing you to not use BRAVI for SMP treatment?

For an accurate cost assessment, please schedule a FREE consultation.

Do I Have to Keep My Hair Shaved Down?

It depends. In most cases, an SMP procedure looks the most natural if the hair is kept shaved down tight. The goal of the SMP procedure is to create uniformity across a shaved down scalp. As the hair grows—particularly when there are distinct regions of hair loss next to areas with hair—the uniform appearance can be compromised.

However, depending on the configuration of hair growth, some men have more flexibility with hair length than others. Your expert BRAVI technician will review your photos and explain your styling options with you during your consultation, so that you will have clear and realistic expectations.


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