Can Scalp Micro Pigmentation Be Completed in One Day? (Part 2)

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Reasons why SMP procedures can take more than one day

In Part 1 on this topic, I explained why, “Yes”, one day should be the norm for SMP procedures. For those instances where a client needs more than one SMP procedure, two factors are to blame:

1) Improper Implementation (common problem for most clinics except mine). Proper implementation includes using the correct pigments, equipment, procedure compounds, and technique. SMP clinics vary widely in their ability to provide this. Unfortunately, most SMP practitioners are unable to perform proper implementation because they lack experience, knowledge, skill, and equipment.

2) Pigment Rejection. Rejection to some degree happens during every SMP healing process. This is true for everyone—no exceptions.

It is the body’s job to reject foreign objects or substances that become embedded in the dermis.

The Number of Scalp MicroPigmentation treatments any client will need depends in part on their individual physiology.

The Number of Scalp MicroPigmentation treatments any client will need depends in part on their individual physiology.

Rejection and the healing process are not uniform across all people—think “slow healer vs. fast healer”.

Rejection is a variable that is partly independent of the procedure, and it is partly based on the physiology of the client—a factor that no clinic can completely control or anticipate. The identical implementation will retain better in certain clients than others.

For this reason, clinics should never promise “one and done” results. Doing so is overpromising and it sets up clients for disappointment and unforeseen costs.

As mentioned, SMP clinics vary greatly in their ability to deliver a procedure that is LIKELY to retain well. Many are structured and incentivized to under-deliver. We will discuss that in Part 3.

Even with a masterfully-executed and stunning single-day procedure, is there going to be room for improvement and enhancement after the procedure cures? Yes. Sometimes there is only a little room for improvement, and sometimes the need for improvement is mandatory. It’s a spectrum, folks.

Reality is that rejection can sometimes be significant after the initial procedure, particularly in the case of scar tissue. While I have successfully completed countless single-day treatments, I have always encouraged SMP clients—and particularly clients with Hair Transplant Scars or Hair Systems—to plan and budget for SMP “enhancements” at subsequent visits. This has been consistent with my philosophy of erring on the side of under-promising and over-delivering in the pursuit of superior client satisfaction.

Stay tuned for the final increment: Can Scalp MicroPigmentation Be Completed in One Day? (Part 3)

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