Can Scalp Micro Pigmentation Be Completed in One Day? (Part 3)

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Reasons why SMP procedures can take more than one day

In Part 1 on this topic, I explained why, “Yes”, one day should be the norm for SMP procedures. Part 2 on this topic gave two factors (SMP provider ineptitude and pigmentation rejection) at play when SMP requires more than one day to complete. This final blog on the topic exposes a more systemic reason for why many clinics unnecessarily require multiple SMP sessions:


SMP cost structures such as a “pay as you go” model incentivize providers to under-treat clients thereby resulting in the need for multiple treatment sessions.

What is the clinic incentivized to deliver?

Many SMP clinics have adopted a soft-sell “pay as you go” approach. This approach requires multiple incremental treatments instead of one primary treatment. These clinics’ Scalp MicroPigmentation clients incur an initial lower initial cost, which can be very attractive. However, this approach makes it extremely difficult for clients to ever obtain a completed look.

Incremental SMP Providers are not taking responsibility for their long-term results.

When SMP clients pay a clinic by the treatment, what incentive does the SMP provider have to “complete the look” as quickly as possible? I have had clients approach me after as many as12 treatments with very little pigmentation to show for it.

No SMP client wants to walk around with a partially-completed procedure. I define a complete procedure as this: You walk out of the SMP Clinic with your new look “dialed in”.

Furthermore, SMP clients who sign up for incremental treatments must often remain “off the grid” until their SMP look is complete so as to avoid drawing attention to unnatural partial results.

Besides these clear disadvantages, there are physiological reasons for not spacing treatments in this way. For example, multiple treatments spaced days/weeks apart constantly disrupts the dermal healing process risking scarring, inflammatory issues, and diminished acceptance of the pigmentation.

My philosophical approach to SMP: Each treatment should be an attempt at Total SMP Perfection.

My recommendation:

While I do not endorse an inflexible “once-and-done” approach, I do endorse the “invest in yourself once, get guaranteed results” philosophy in selecting a provider. Choose a provider whose incentive is to get you completely satisfied as soon as possible.

This is a structure that involves these elements:

  • One-time cost for a quality procedure
  • A treatment schedule that provides you with every opportunity to perfect your results as quickly as possible
  • Following the procedure completion, you should have affordable and long-term access to any enhancement work that you might need for years down the road.

Knowledge is power, particularly in an environment so full of financially-motivated “experts”. Scalp MicroPigmentation is the best hair loss solution available—but only when it is provided expertly from an ethical and reputable source.

BRAVI SMP Expert Devon Sconci is the leader in Amanda Mazzocchi\s revolutionary scalp micropigmentation method.

Devon Sconci

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