Protect Yourself: 4 Simple Ways to Avoid Bad SMP Results

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If you’ve been researching Scalp MicroPigmentation, “SMP”, for any length of time, you’ve seen plenty of photos of bad Scalp MicroPigmentation Results.

Expertly-implemented Scalp Micropigmentation is by far the best solution to conceal hair loss.

When properly applied, Scalp MicroPigmentation blends seamlessly into living hair follicles. An excellent SMP result quietly and subliminally states: “I choose to buzz my hair down as a professional and powerful style choice.”

However, the inverse is also the case. Nothing draws more negative attention to a man with hair loss than a bad SMP result.

If you’ve already made an unfortunate choice and are stuck with a bad SMP result, BREATHE. I have seen and repaired more bad SMP results than anyone else on the planet.

Bad SMP can be repaired and made to look completely natural.

I love good SMP, it changes and improves lives. Expertly implemented SMP allows guys to stop wasting precious energy focused on their hair loss. It gives them the ability to finally exhale and forget about their hair. Scalp MicroPigmentation, done right, is the absolute BEST option for anyone with hair loss, alopecia, or scalp scars.

Case in point, the below is a text sent by a BRAVI client to our service line. This client had suffered greatly for many years, dealing with Chronic Telogen Effluvium (widespread diffuse shedding of hair with no obvious cause):

This message was texted to the BRAVI Service Line by a BRAVI SMP Client who had suffered for years with Chronic Telogen Effluvium.

This message was texted to the BRAVI Service Line by a BRAVI SMP Client who had suffered for years with Chronic Telogen Effluvium.

I receive emails, calls, and texts of this sort ALL THE TIME (click here to check out our testimonials page). This kind of EXHALE is exactly why, after many years in a tough, dirty industry, I’m still passionate about SMP.

Here is my strong recommendation of caution:

DO NOT CHOOSE SMP if you are unable to work with a proven technical SMP expert.  WAIT until you can work with an actual expert. Compromising expertise for convenience or price is exactly how to receive bad Scalp MicroPigmentation results.

Here are 4 easy ways you can avoid Bad SMP Results:


1. Find a properly-trained SMP Technician

To date, I am the only person who has successfully and safely trained other Master SMP Technicians. Hundreds of supervised hands-on SMP hours are required to master the art and science of SMP. This training requires a deep knowledge base and the constant supervision of an expert.

Human skin provides a myriad of variables, particularly when it has been scarred or damaged by previous hair loss solutions. Only direct experience with each of these variables, and seeing all situations through to client satisfaction can qualify anyone to be qualified to teach others how to perform SMP.  Additionally, YEARS of full-time Scalp MicroPigmentation experience are required to attain true expertise—performing a handful of procedures does not get a practitioner there. Performing hundreds of procedures does not get a practitioner there.

Expert comprehension of pigment composition and laser technology as they relate to SMP are not optional subject matters for an instructor. These all must be understood in order for an SMP Instructor to actually teach new technicians to safely and professionally handle performing SMP.

Please beware: There is a lucrative market in bogus SMP Training where companies are looking for well-meaning people who want to learn SMP.  The problem with this training is these “instuctors”, have only scant experience and no proper training themselves. The inexperienced “instructor” collects $3-5k per student, in exchange for a certificate after only 3 days of training (students share the same few “live models”). These newly dubbed “SMP Experts” then proceed to perform SMP on real people with disastrous results, traumatizing both their clients and themselves.

One of MANY disreputable SMP Instructors

One of MANY disreputable SMP Instructors found worldwide.

Do you want a practitioner who attended a 3-day course performing your procedure? Do you want to be a practitioner with this level of “training”? These people are “certified” having never completed a single procedure on their own! Think of the ramifications of this practice both short and long term. I talk to people daily who are looking for help having fallen victim to this sort of scam.

Even worse: ONLINE SMP TRAINING. One very large SMP Provider, offers online SMP instruction from a “kit”. In these cases, the training happens only ONLINE. This makes the option of shared live “models” mentioned above look like medical school comparatively. These aspiring practitioners begin their practice with no supervision—no authority to ask when a concern arises, and no ability to confirm that they’re using the proper depth, angle, speed, pigment choice, etc. for their non-existent clients.

This web based “SMP Certification” has resulted in a virus-like spreading of bad SMP results and is the reason for BRAVI’s investment in a state-of-the-art laser which we use solely for SMP correction. We are treating a steadily-growing number of SMP repair clients.

To protect yourself, find out EXACTLY how your technician was trained.

2. Find an SMP Technician with actual hands-on Scalp MicroPigmentation experience

In SMP, “Years of Experience” is a highly-misappropriated term. What exactly IS SMP experience? The only applicable experience is actual Scalp MicroPigmentation procedures completed to total client satisfaction.

I repeat this mantra often because there is an VERY important distinction: Tattoo and Permanent Cosmetics Experience IS NOT SMP Experience. When gauging SMP experience level, Tattoo and Permanent Cosmetic experience don’t count. They are different on every level. Hours spent applying permanent eyeliner or lipstick does not retro-fit into Scalp MicroPigmentation experience. It is irresponsible and unethical for practitioners to represent one as the other

Are Tattoo Artists or Permanent Cosmetics practitioners likely to have an affinity for SMP? Perhaps—but again, only given proper training and SMP-specific experience. Without both, they’ll still be “figuring it out” on your scalp, and you’re extremely likely to be the recipient of bad SMP results. Let me repeat: I talk to people DAILY who have fallen victim to this.

Find out specifically how much ACTUAL Scalp MicroPigmentation work your technician has completed.

3. Find a Legitimate Provider with an Excellent Reputation for Service

When choosing your Scalp MicroPigmentation provider, vet the company as well as the specific technician AND TALK TO THEIR ACTUAL CLIENTS.

What is the history of the SMP Company you’re vetting? How long have they actually been in operation, and how many satisfied clients do they have?

Here are a few key factors in vetting your SMP Company:

“Multiple Locations” does not mean “Established” or “Trustworthy”            

In an effort to appear legitimate and successful, several SMP companies post an impressive list of cities as “locations”. In truth, many of these are merely rented office spaces, where procedures are performed in unsterile conditions by a technician who lives hundreds of miles away.  Where will this company be if you have concerns or need enhancement?

Additionally, these multiple location providers feature SMP technicians who learned Scalp MicroPigmentation using one of the methods mentioned above.

See these multi-location marketing attempts for what they are: intentionally misleading in an attempt to gain your trust.

Notice and avoid hard sales

Is the SMP company you’re vetting more focused on marketing and sales strategy than on technical results? Do they under-promise and over-deliver—or is it the other way around? Are they properly educating you about the number of sessions that will be required for your completed look?

Customer service is King

Look carefully at bad Scalp MicroPigmentation reviews. Keep in mind that occasionally, competitors pose as customers and sling mud.  At the same time, multiple bad Scalp MicroPigmentation reviews, particularly those with attached bad SMP photos are a red flag.

At BRAVI, not only do we provide the best results and support, our new clients can talk to previous clients and hear first-hand about their BRAVI experience. We are extremely proud of the way we do business.

Find out how you can expect to be treated by your SMP provider.

4. Examine photos with care

Photos are an important part of the decision making process, but these also need to be examined with appropriate scrutiny. My work has been displayed in SMP photo galleries across the world, accredited to various new businesses who, lacking any experience, had no work of their own to display – so they stole mine.

Additionally, most SMP providers digitally alter their photos to some degree. Be careful that the flawless artistic result you’re evaluating was actually performed on the client, not just on the photograph.

With most companies, one photo gallery is posted, representing the work of the entire company. In theory, if a company employed a staff of only properly-trained SMP Techncians, and held them to strict performance standards, this would make sense. In practice, a company like that does not currently exist.

Think about it, if a company has multiple locations (some even claim to have worldwide locations), and their practitioners are trained by a kit, a short class, or by an inexperienced instructor, how can a handful of photographs adequately represent the skill or experience level of the person who will be performing your procedure?

Photo submitted to BRAVI by the pictured individual. This client’s negligent technician, piggybacking on the company’s image gallery, claimed to have completed “over 300 SMP procedures”.

Onward and Upward

Over the years, I’ve talked to thousands of men about their Scalp MicroPigmentation options. I’ve seen many of these men try to decipher what and who to believe between the various SMP providers.

Hair Loss is a very dirty industry. 3.5 Billion dollars is spent per year with very few “exhales”. I refuse to quietly allow the first and only good solution to hair loss—Scalp MicroPigmentation—to be tarnished by purveyors of bad Scalp MicroPigmentation results.

Only BRAVI combines unparalleled pigmentation expertise, specialized laser technology, and medical collaboration in order to deliver the latest in superior SMP results. Our work is guaranteed – just ask our clients.

BRAVI offers the only full-spectrum SMP certification process available. Inquire at
*Online training is acceptable only if it’s paired with a with extensive and truly diverse hands-on experience with oversight provided by an industry leader.  BRAVI CARES about the well-being of clients and students.  To learn more about upcoming BRAVI training please inquire at


BRAVI SMP Expert Devon Sconci is the leader in Amanda Mazzocchi\s revolutionary scalp micropigmentation method.

Devon Sconci

Devon is the President of BRAVI and Master Technician in Amanda Mazzocchi's revolutionary Scalp MicroPigmentation method, which is available exclusively at her BRAVI clinic in Austin, Texas.

She is also passionate about how SMP can change lives.
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