Is Scalp MicroPigmentation safe?

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You’re interested in Scalp MicroPigmentation as a natural looking hair replacement solution, but you’re wondering if SMP is safe?

The correct answer? If you choose the right provider, your SMP procedure is completely safe.

Why might you think SMP isn’t safe? Imitator SMP providers have flooded the market with poor SMP procedures and highly unskilled practitioners.

To best answer the “is SMP safe?” question, let’s dig deeper into the difference BRAVI brings to the table for Scalp MicroPigmentation:

Sterile, Medical Treatment Rooms

At BRAVI, our best-in-class speciality clinic offers a sterile medical environment for the SMP procedure. We only use our treatment rooms for SMP treatments. Some SMP imitators have been known to set up camp in hotel rooms or rented office space for the weekend! 

Highly Trained, Well-Qualified Technicians

At BRAVI, our highly trained, well-qualified technicians are all certified after an extremely rigorous, six-month minimum training program. Imitators often certify practitioners online or through weekend courses, but at BRAVI, we require hands-on, multi-level certification to ensure clients are taken care of by the best.

Top-of-the-Line Laser Technology and Products

At BRAVI, we use custom-formulated, highly researched and developed pigment to make sure impressions are natural looking and won’t turn blue or green, and we employ state-of-the-art Astanza laser technology, which is housed on-site, for SMP diffusion and corrective cases.

Specialized Scalp Care Products 

At BRAVI, we understand the critical nature of scalp-care products in creating optimal procedure results, which is why we offer a proprietary, all-natural product line for care after your SMP procedure.

Full lineup of BRAVI scalp care products. Created by BRAVI for scalp micropigmentation maintenance.
Full lineup of BRAVI scalp care products. Created by BRAVI for Scalp MicroPigmentation maintenance.
Available only to BRAVI clients. Not sold in stores.

Medical Oversight

At BRAVI, we are fully overseen by a licensed medical doctor, allowing us to employ prescription pharmaceuticals when needed. 

At BRAVI, our client’s safety and comfort are accounted for at every step and used as the ultimate measure of success for our business. 

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BRAVI SMP Expert Devon Sconci is the leader in Amanda Mazzocchi\s revolutionary scalp micropigmentation method.

Devon Sconci

Devon is the President of BRAVI and Master Technician in Amanda Mazzocchi's revolutionary Scalp MicroPigmentation method, which is available exclusively at her BRAVI clinic in Austin, Texas.

She is also passionate about how SMP can change lives.
Chat with her today to find out how SMP could change yours.