Hairline Restoration

BRAVI Restore™

From our Founder:

“There is a common theme among the thousands of men with whom I’ve discussed SMP over the years: The desire for a natural looking hairline.”

The hairline creates the facial frame—it is the showpiece! It is critical that the hairline be implemented by an expert who understands the following:

* Hairline styles are different among different ethnicities

* Hairline shape is different among ethnicities and genders

* There is established symmetry in facial and cranial structure which must be understood and considered when establishing hairline positioning

* Hairline implementations—particularly those that are soft and feathered—are the result of specialized tools, compounds, and techniques.

BRAVI hairline restoration smp

The soft and feathered hairline is our specialty.

A hairline that is misplaced or poorly executed destroys the illusion created by SMP.

Amanda has personally repaired countless hairlines over the years to restore a natural and undetectable look.

With BRAVI RESTORE, your hairline will be expertly designed and implemented.



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