Hair Transplant and Head Scar Camouflage

BRAVI Conceal™

BRAVI Conceal uses expertly-applied Scalp MicroPigmentation SMP to hide hair transplant and other head scars



BRAVI’s Founder, Amanda Mazzocchi, is the creator of a specialized type of Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP): BRAVI CONCEAL scar camouflage.

Her special skill and techniques are available only through BRAVI and her amazing results are only found at BRAVI.

Hair Transplant Scar Before BRAVI

Hair Transplant Scar Before BRAVI SMP

Hair Tramsplant Scar After BRAVI Scar Conceal SMP

Hair Transplant Scar After BRAVI Scar Conceal SMP

Read on to find out more about how head scars running through hair can be completely hidden.

The reason conventional SMP providers struggle to treat scars is that scar tissue does not accept pigmentation or maintain color well.

Amanda has overseen more scar camouflage SMP treatments than any other SMP provider. She has fine tuned this specialized procedure with a proprietary process and product line exclusive to BRAVI…Exclusive as in there is no one else in the world who does scar camouflage like BRAVI.  CLICK HERE to watch a Client Video on this subject.

With BRAVI CONCEAL you will have a smooth, concealed transition to a restored hairline which is critical for the long term success and look of your scalp.

Choose BRAVI for Superior Scar Treatment Results.

hair transplant scar


Even the most well-intended of inexperienced SMP practitioners can cause severe trauma to a client with scarring. Treating scars using a tattoo or permanent cosmetics approach typically causes further damage to the scarred area, emphasizing rather than concealing the scar.

BRAVI CONCEAL scar camouflage SMP is the latest in scar treatment innovation, and the results are unequivocally superior.

Avoid another costly and painful mistake: Choose BRAVI CONCEAL.

Dear Hair Transplant Recipients:

Hair transplant recipients, in many cases, are misinformed about the results that could be expected from the surgery. In reality, hair transplant surgery rarely conceals evidence of hair loss—it only delays the inevitable and creates scars that remove the option of shaving down.

(click to read an article by Amanda on the reality of “Hair Transplants”)

For men who are in this “scarred” situation, BRAVI CONCEAL is your answer.


“I was face to face with someone I’ve known for YEARS. And I KNEW Amanda had done SMP on him and it took me YEARS to realize it wasn’t hair!”