SMP Training and Certification for BRAVI Technicians

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Amanda Mazzocchi trains a BRAVI tech in the BRAVI Scalp MicroPigmentation method.

In 2011, our founder, Amanda Mazzocchi, created the first-ever Scalp MicroPigmentation training program. As a pioneer for the industry, her standards were top level. Using that training as a foundation, BRAVI is the only SMP company with a proven curriculum and safety standards.

Technical training at BRAVI for Scalp MicroPigmentation is a rigorous, six-month minimum process. Hundreds of hours of on-site training, testing, and highly supervised experience weed out technicians that aren’t a great fit and those that make it to the certification process with the BRAVI stamp of approval. 

Imitators often train their technicians with online or weekend courses, but at BRAVI, we require our technicians to undergo a lengthy training protocol that safely builds their proficiency and expertise before they even perform a basic SMP procedure. The training covers typical SMP procedures to the most specialized implementations of past BRAVI clients. 

picture of 24 framed certificates and awards of BRAVI techs
Wall of certifications and awards by BRAVI for excellence in Scalp MicroPigmentation

There is no replacement for months spent under close supervision by experts and exposure to the full spectrum of scalp physiology and treatment history.  This is not something that can be accomplished in the surface-level “certifications” that take place online or over a weekend. At BRAVI, all we do is Scalp MicroPigmentation, all day, every day.  This clinical, medically-overseen environment is the reason BRAVI technicians out-perform all others in delivering the best, most natural-looking results in the industry.  

Choose the right provider for your Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure. With BRAVI, you can expect excellence:

  • Scalp-specific pigment that’s been formulated for colorfastness — pigment won’t change color over time
  • Technicians are highly trained (using our exclusive 6-month training program) and certified before they work on clients
  • Full medical oversight into all work with laser technology, prescription pharmaceuticals, and best-in-class equipment and facilities
  • Specialized scalp care products are always included post-procedure
  • Complete transparency — speak to a real BRAVI client or meet one in person to see the results firsthand

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BRAVI SMP Expert Devon Sconci is the leader in Amanda Mazzocchi\s revolutionary scalp micropigmentation method.

Devon Sconci

Devon is the President of BRAVI and Master Technician in Amanda Mazzocchi's revolutionary Scalp MicroPigmentation method, which is available exclusively at her BRAVI clinic in Austin, Texas.

She is also passionate about how SMP can change lives.
Chat with her today to find out how SMP could change yours.