Three Keys to Great SMP Results

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Devon Sconci is the CEO at BRAVI, a master technician trained personally by Amanda Mazzocchi in her revolutionary SMP method

Ready for your hair loss transformation? Interested in Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) but want to make sure the process works for you? Here are three keys to great SMP results:

1 – Find a Highly Trained SMP Technician

At BRAVI, we focus on training our technicians to perfection. We start with a rigorous, six-month training program that systematically introduces the technicians to basic procedures and culminates with the most advanced treatments we see as SMP providers. Technicians are gradually and safely introduced under constant supervision to the full spectrum of client types, and taught mastery of hairline design and seamless blending to natural hair. We require hands-on, multi-level certification to make sure our clients are provided the very best care.

We also specialize in multiple forms of SMP from helping those with alopecia to covering scar tissue to resolving poor SMP procedures from SMP imitators. Our technician training reflects all scenarios. Only direct exposure and experience with each of these challenges qualifies our trainers to fully certify new technicians.

In contrast, it’s common to find tattoo artists or permanent cosmetic technicians attempting to apply their skills to the SMP practice. It’s even possible to see quickly trained technicians (by quickly trained, we mean online or weekend courses that don’t expose the technician to a real client) working on a real person for the first time right after they’ve been certified. The skills needed to properly administer Scalp MicroPigmentation in a realistic, natural looking way are learned through rigorous training that is vastly different from a tattoo parlor, a permanent cosmetic clinic, or a weekend training course.

First key to great SMP results — understand how your technician was trained and how long they have been practicing SMP.

2 – Understand Where Your SMP Procedure Will Take Place

At BRAVI, our clinic is maintained as a sterile, medical environment, the treatment rooms are used only for Scalp MicroPigmentation, and we have full medical oversight into all work with laser technology, prescription pharmaceuticals, and best-in-class equipment. We recognize the importance of maintaining a proper clinic for the safety of our clients, for the safety of the procedure, and for the proper administration of SMP.

We often see pop-up shop style SMP in rented spaces or even hotel rooms. We believe clients deserve better and that’s why we provide a medically safe environment for every SMP procedure.

Second key to great SMP results — understand where your treatment will take place and make sure it’s a sterile, medically safe environment.

3 – Talk to Previous Clients and Inspect the Results

At BRAVI, we know it’s important for new clients to have the opportunity to see results on past SMP clients with their own eyes. It’s extremely reassuring to talk to someone who has gone through Scalp MicroPigmentation and has results you can see in real life. That’s why we connect past clients with future clients on the phone, via text or messenger, and even in person. If you’re interested in talking to someone we’ve helped, you can always request this during your free consultation with a BRAVI SMP expert. 

If talking to previous clients isn’t something you’re interested in, make sure you review before and after pictures thoroughly. Testimonials and before and after galleries are an incredibly important part of the decision process with SMP, so make sure you inspect them with care.  BRAVI’s photo gallery is the largest published collection of completely unedited SMP procedure results.  

Sites with only one photo can claim that every procedure will have the exact same outcome instead of showing multiple cases and multiple technicians’ work. And sites that showcase images that seem too good to be true are likely altered. Make sure those before and after photos aren’t used on other sites, that they aren’t photoshopped, and that real stories are told for each person behind the lens. 

Third key to great SMP results — understand what typical results look like from the company you’re researching.

Talk to a real person if you have the option and make sure website and social media testimonials have good pictures that haven’t been modified. 

When you’re ready to consider a provider for your Scalp MicroPigmentation, consider BRAVI:

  • Technicians are highly trained (using our exclusive, onsite, fully supervised six-month training program) and certified before they work on clients
  • Full medical oversight into all work with laser technology, prescription pharmaceuticals, and best-in-class equipment and facilities
  • Sterile, medically safe environment, treatment rooms are only used for SMP procedures
  • Complete transparency — speak to a real BRAVI client or meet one in person to see the results firsthand

Visit our testimonial page to see the results clients have with BRAVI.

BRAVI SMP Expert Devon Sconci is the leader in Amanda Mazzocchi\s revolutionary scalp micropigmentation method.

Devon Sconci

Devon is the President of BRAVI and Master Technician in Amanda Mazzocchi's revolutionary Scalp MicroPigmentation method, which is available exclusively at her BRAVI clinic in Austin, Texas.

She is also passionate about how SMP can change lives.
Chat with her today to find out how SMP could change yours.