Will My Scalp Turn Blue or Green after SMP?

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Will SMP turn my scalp blue or green?

Welcome back to another FAQ post! Today we’re tackling another popular question we often receive in calls or during our free consultations with individuals researching Scalp MicroPigmentation:

If I get Scalp MicroPigmentation, will my scalp turn blue or green? 

The quick answer? SMP applied by a highly qualified and trained technician using proper pigment and technique will NOT turn your scalp blue or green. Correct pigment formulation is the ultimate indicator of whether your scalp will turn blue or green. At BRAVI, we use a scalp-specific pigment that’s been formulated for colorfastness. We’ve spent years in rigorous development and testing to find the right pigment components, carriers, and procedure compounds to develop the right pigment for SMP. 

In fact, because many SMP imitators have tried to emulate the SMP process using tattoo artists, permanent cosmetic technicians, or quickly trained technicians (using online or weekend certification programs), BRAVI has become the global destination for the most specialized type of SMP: head tattoo repair work.

Image showing scar turned blue by inexperienced Scalp MicroPigmentation provider. Client came to BRAVI to fix the bad result and make the scar look natural again.

Head tattoos (not BRAVI SMP) will most often turn blue or green, and when they do, clients seek out the authority in head tattoo repair — specialized laser diffusion and corrections protocols by BRAVI. We replace discolored, obvious signs of head tattoo with subtle, natural-looking, undetectable BRAVI pigmentation.  It’s one of the many reasons head tattoos are different than SMP.

Choose the right provider for your Scalp MicroPigmentation procedure. With BRAVI, you can expect excellence:

  • Scalp-specific pigment that’s been formulated for colorfastness — pigment won’t change color over time
  • Technicians are highly trained (using our exclusive 6-month training program) and certified before they work on clients
  • Full medical oversight into all work with laser technology, prescription pharmaceuticals, and best-in-class equipment and facilities
  • Specialized scalp care products are always included post-procedure
  • Complete transparency — speak to a real BRAVI client or meet one in person to see the results firsthand

Visit our tattoo repair gallery page to see the results clients have with BRAVI.

BRAVI SMP Expert Devon Sconci is the leader in Amanda Mazzocchi\s revolutionary scalp micropigmentation method.

Devon Sconci

Devon is the President of BRAVI and Master Technician in Amanda Mazzocchi's revolutionary Scalp MicroPigmentation method, which is available exclusively at her BRAVI clinic in Austin, Texas.

She is also passionate about how SMP can change lives.
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